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Has your vehicle's frame been damaged?

Don't let a damaged frame ruin the look and ride of your vehicle - revive your frame with repairs from Bear Frame and Alignment services and get back on the road.

Were you involved in a collision?

Being involved in any form of car accident is unnerving. When you have overcome the initial fear and shock, however, it is time to turn your attention to the damage that was done to your vehicle.
Even minor collisions can lead to damage to the frame of your vehicle. When this happens your car doesn't look as good – but it also won't protect you as well and may be less reliable It is essential you get frame damage repaired as promptly as possible so you can get past your collision and back
on the road confidently.

Whether your frame damage was severe or minor, it is important to have it handled quickly and effectively to restore the look and function of your vehicle. If your vehicle frame has been damaged in a collision or other accident, give us a call.
You can put your confidence in our experienced, highly-trained staff to pull and straighten your frame to restore its integrity and get it back to the aesthetically pleasing look that you desire.


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